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Monster Madness
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Opening Reception:
  Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 7pm to 11pm

Runs till:
  Saturday, November 26, 2016

Screams and moans and bats and bones,
Teenage monsters in haunted homes
The ghosts on the stairs, The vampires bite
Better beware, theres a full moon tonight - R.Stein

Join us for a haunted monster art show featuring classic creatures, slimy ghouls, creepy crawlys and blood curdling screams.

To purchase Art from the show visit our Current Exhibition Section of Online Store.

Artists Include:
William Butler- Rancid Resin-Shem Wilson - Erica Shaw - Alejandra Ritch - IntroBangBang - Bone Road Art - Gilen - AXE HAKA - Carissa Cornelius - Bone Road Art - Paulie Polka - Anne Bengard - jellykoe - BomBotz - Tyler K. smith - Jen Basing- Darren F. Gideon - Andrew Da Silva - Matt Vazquez - JR Linton - Chris Rude - Jake Drone - Moss Waldock - Von Zombo -

Pics from the opening:

Featured Products

JR Linton
   $1,000.00 Kaeru Sutsu Luigi
JR Linton
   $280.00 The Dark Lord of the Tit
JR Linton
   $20.00 Midnight Grind
JR Linton

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